I made a to-do list with my 3 year old son this morning and looks like he still has letters to write to Santa, so it’s good to know that it’s not just me running behind in this house! lol

Life with 2 kids going pretty well friend. It’s quite an adjustment but I have to say, my infant is an angel- sleeping and eating like a champ- while my 3 year old is the one keeps things busy. I recently talked with a mom of 2 kids around same age, and it’s funny how once we both thought infants were HARD to take care of šŸ™‚ Of course every age has it’s challenges, but compared to my toddler, this infant stage is pretty chill right now:)

Anyways, just wanted to hop in here and wanted to say that, yep I am behind on a lot of things. Don’t want to even make a list- I actually have 5 little lists everywhere around the house- and stress myself because when I think of it, maybe my maternity leave will be in January?!

Our little girl was born on October 21st, in the middle of crazy busy photography season. I managed to take 4 weeks old but I have to say, I had a very busy November and December. Now the weather is colder and less sessions to shoot and edit, maybe I should turn off alllll the ideas on my busy brain and RELAX ?!

So here is what I am going to do: It’s engagement season and I receive so many emails daily from newly engaged couples-SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!- and besides answering them, I think I am going to hold on to updating my website, organizing my desktop&files, printing more business things, or do this &that (neverending list!) and enjoy my time with my family, bring back date nights, have friends over, finish our basement play area, read Emily Ley’s Simplified life ( I also ordered her planner yesterday, YES!), and maybe take a trip somewhere WARM-oh I am a dreamer! šŸ™‚

To finalize: I wanna hear from you, especially from all the Boss Moms… give me tricks to survive a family and a business. Am I on the right track? I had a pretty good routine when it was just me and my toddler, will I get back to it? Comment here or email me below, would LOVE to chat ā¤