If you’ve been following me for a while, or if we ever met for a shoot or two, you know that I am from Turkey and all my family is still back there. This is why every year, we take a trip there and stay in my family’s summer house in Erdek- which is 2 hr boat ride from Istanbul.

This year we were again there for almost all June and even took a trip to south, to Kas by Mediterranean coast. It was a kid-free trip with my husband, my sister and her soon-to-be HUSBAND! Yep, my sister just recently got engaged and getting married next year… can’t believe! 🙂

But, let’s get to our trip:) This week, I think we are having a late summer heat in Columbus, which I will take because I loveee Summer! And I think it’s obvious below in the photos:) Hope you enjoy!

PART 1: Airport diaries and our days in Erdek🙂

Erdek, Turkey

On the 1st weekend of our vacation, I took a daily trip to Istanbul to see my bestie and shoot Muge&Oguzhan’s Bridal photos in Santral Istanbul; and I hope to make a separate post about it one of these day:)

Santral Istanbul, istanbul Turkey

And the last part of our vacation: Kas, Turkey. Oh Mediterranean Sea ❤ The chances you’ve been to Turkey may not be much, but if you’ve ever been to Greece, you will see that the terrain and the views are sooooo similar. Mountains, turquoise water, pink flowers… It seriously is refreshing:)

The 1st 2 photos are our hotel and the view from our balcony:)

Then you will some beaches we went daily.  That water! It’s so deep and you can still see all the way to the bottom. A natural swimming pool in-between mountains! And just fyi, I was 23 weeks pregnant then:)

Kas Turkey

And one of the beaches you HAVE to go if you are in that area is: Kaputas Beach. The sand is super fine rocks and the water!!! When I first went there, years and years ago, it was so bare and almost hidden. I fell in love with it then and even now it’s more crowded, i still love it!!! The sunset is something to view in that beach ❤

Kaputas Beach, Kas Turkey