Well I have a funny story about this couple. When Iris contacted me for her Sept. 24th wedding in Hoover YMCA park, I was 9 weeks pregnant. Now if you know anything about pregnancy, you would know that first 12 weeks are the risky-ist; so pregnancy is usually kept a secret. I thought, if everything goes well, I will be 35 weeks pregnant on their wedding date- so, am I available for their date or not? Should i even meet with them? If we meet, do i tell them the secret?

Then I decided to schedule the meeting, meet wth them, see their needs and go from there. But I was really nervous as I didn’t know what exactly to do:) As I sat and waited for them, this couple and the tiny pregnant lady started walking towards me… It was Iris &Keith… She was 20 some weeks pregnant! As you can imagine, the rest was a relief! I told them my secret, discussed their day to see if I can do it; and here we are 2 weeks away from their wedding and still planning on shooting it! 🙂

I was also surprised when I learned that they already have 3 boys!!! Iris is the tiniest and cutest little lady- how is this possible?! 🙂 In their session below, you will see that it’s a mix of everything: engagement, maternity, family…. We just got together  in Gantz park in Grove city and shot for fun to capture these important times for them. They welcomed their girl in August and I am so excited to meet with her 🙂

Gantz Park Grove City Photo session

Gantz Park Grove City OH