Agh this is the hardest part of blogging, to find a sentence to start with… Especially for this wedding! I don’t know if I should start pointing out the BEAUTIFUL bride, or their AMAZING fuchsia invitations and the wedding cake, or oh so CHIC glittery, blush and Black&white table decors, or  the wonderful venue of Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City, or the MOST EPIC BRIDAL PARTY ENTRANCE (you really have to scroll down and see it!), or the love, the joy…I really don’t know!!!

Katie&Joshua…thank you! I know that I appreciate every couple for the amazing opportunity and the honor given to me to shoot their wedding, but I especially want to thank you for surviving a very hot June day, being so nice to me (even I left you alone in the Church lol), showing me direction about what you want and being on board with my ideas! An another great experience is in the books for me and I hope you felt the same.

I hope you two a happy life forever together ❤

ps: Katie’s brother was the videographer for her wedding, and did an amazing job! If you would like to watch their video, here is your the link: Katie&Joshua’s Wedding