Hello everybody!

I have an another personal blog post for you today. During Thanksgiving weekend, with the help of extra hands on kids, I took the advantage of deals and ordered our annual wall calendar for 2018.

This is my favorite thing to do at the end of the year: go through our family photos, organize them and order prints. I always strongly suggest you all to print your photos because who knows in 10 years if we will have instagram, or even .jpeg format to see the photos. Technology changes too fast so I really think the safest way to look back at your photos-or for your kids to look at them-is printing them! Don’t you think so?!

So below is a very short brief of our year, 2017. We grew from family of 4 (including our doggie of course <3) to 4, traveled to Boston, Turkey and Michigan, updated and decorated our new house and we are finally setting in; can’t wait for 2018 already!

At the end of the year, once all my sessions are finalized in mid December, I am planning to do a EXACT MOMENTS ANNUAL BLOG POST, to look back at all my amazing clients but for now, I hope you enjoy a few of our family photos:)


2017-11-27_0001 copy.jpg