For those who are new here, well first of all Hello & Welcome!

We recently added a lady bug to our family and I wanted to give everyone a little life update:)

Our girl, Nora Ada Wood, joined us at 12.39am on October 21st, 2017 and yesterday she was 4 weeks old already. I feel like like I knew her forever, yet the time passed so quick and I can’t believe she is already a month old. I’ve heard stories that the 2nd baby comes quicker, with less labor time, but I didn’t expect it to be this easy to be honest. She came all by herself after only 3,5 hrs of labor in the hospital and we are so in love with her:) My recovery has been quick and easy, our family-especially my son- adjusted so well; and my heart is full!

I am already turning back to shooting today after a month of maternity leave but really planning to take it easy this winter. And maybe even next year. Yep that’s right: after shooting 20 some weddings every year while also caring for my almost 3 year old daily, next year I decided to shoot less weddings. I care so much about my clients and I only want the best for them. So I thought that caring for 2 children while shooting  20+ weddings a year will not be best for both sides and made this business decision. I don’t know if this change is just for next year or forever but time will show. In the meantime, I plan and hope to take up more family&senior&boudoir &newborn sessions, so please keep me in mind for your or anyone you know’s photography needs:)

Well, after all this update, let’s get into my life with photos:) After having almost no hospital photos with my 1st baby, this time I had Sara from Sara Campbell Photography to come to the hospital and do a Fresh 48 session for us… And I am SOOOO GLAD that I did, love these photos Sara, thanks a million ❤

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I also had Ashley Wallace from Ashley West Photography do a Lifestyle newborn session in our house when Nora was about 2 weeks old. My husband joked about it and asked if we will having more photo session in the near future, and no… i think lol. I just wanted these precious 1st days to be captured perfectly because I will be honest, I didn’t have many professional photos of my son as a newborn and I truly regret it. But lesson learned and now we have MANY of Nora’s:) And these photos are so us! LOVE THEM! Can’t wait to decorate our house with these and create baby albums.



I hope you enjoyed this little blog post about my recent life:) I hope to keep these “life update” posts coming for you, and for me… yay? 🙂