Hi there! If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I am from Turkey and try visit my family over there once a year. In 2016, I was there for 3,5 weeks and was lucky enough to shoot 3 Bride&groom portraits. Wedding industry & wedding photography is a little bit different over there so unfortunately not many photographers are allowed to shoot the full wedding day. If you want to know more about Turkish Weddings, you can visit my 2015 wedding post HERE.

But now, let’s talk about my 2016 Turkish couples… how adorable are they?! I shot in 3 different locations last year including Bursa Botanical Park, Istanbul Kucuksu Kasri and Florya, Istanbul. I love how unique each shoot is- one thing I love about this job: seeing my couples&their choice of locations coming together! Well, I will leave it for your review now below:)

This year, most probably, I will be there again In August and would love to work with more couples!  Let me know if you know anyone might be interested Turkish friends 🙂