Hey there! It’s winter, and as a wedding photographer, this time of the year, I am supposed to sit back a little and enjoy the slow season, try to finish updating our new house or spend more time with my family… well, those were my wishes, far away from reality:)

Friends, it’s been busy! I just had 2 shoots last week, 3 meetings this weekend, could hardly find time to do my business taxes and had to do it late last night late (due today)… And I am very behind blogging:( Whenever I find time, I sit down and try to create this blog post of Stacy&Henry’s wedding day and I think I already posted 3 times (or more) on Instagram “this wedding post is coming sooooon!”. Well, today I again sit down and as I was going through their photos, I just thought about creating a different blog post, for the first time. And here is why:

Like I’ve said, I met with 3 different engaged couples this weekend to talk about my wedding photography packages and their wedding day details. As always, I was asked my thoughts about a having a 2nd photographer on a wedding day and seeing each other before the ceremony. While I always suggest a 2nd photographer, I also tell them that the 1st look is something definitely personal and I am ok with their decision. But while going through S&H’s photos, I was thinking why this blog post took me so long to create! And today, with all the questions from the weekend on my minds, I finally know why.

1- S&H decided to see each other before the wedding.

S got ready in Hilton Downtown Columbus and when she told it to me on my “wedding day details” email, I got so excited! I had always seen photos of this gorgeous hotel’s architecture and it was in my bucket list to do a shoot there! She also told me in email that they decided to see each other before the ceremony, which gave us 2+ hours in their timeline to spend together before the ceremony! With this given extra time, we used so many different corners of Hilton without any rush and they have sooooo many bride&groom photos! (which is why it’s taking me so long to choose and create a blog post!:)  I think this is a pro of doing a first look and seeing each other before the wedding; no rush & extra photos. When you see each other after the ceremony, my couples usually give me only 1-1,5 hrs to do all family, bridal party, bride&groom photos, so they can turn back to being with their guest. It’s understandable but unfortunately then we may need to rush and not have this many photos:( Is it not doable? Not at all! With a good timeline, and having everybody on board with it, I always managed to fit all these in the given timeframe without rushing. Yaaay! 🙂

2-S&H decided to have a 2nd photographer.

When I am asked about a 2nd photographer, I tell my couples that I suggest it. Why? First of all, we are all human and cameras are just equipments. Having a 2nd photographer ensures that due to a human mistake or a technical difficulty, the important parts of your wedding (1st kiss, bouquet toss…) will be ensured to be not missed. I never had any of these problems nor missed an important moment, but I will be honest, It’s scary to shoot alone! A lot more stressful! But I know that every couple have a budget and I do my best to help them with it. 2nd photographer is also helpful if bride&groom are getting ready in different locations and you want both sides to be captured. If you also have a big family or a big bridal party, a 2nd photographer helps me to stay on track. Lastly, when you have more photographers, you will surely have more photos, captured from different angles, and sometimes these different angles creates better photos-being honest again:)

In S&H’s bride&groom photos, I remember seeing Alexis, my 2nd at the time, at very different spots than I am. If you look closely at the photos below, you will see those spots:) She took many beautiful photos additional to mine and this is again why it’s taking me so long to choose for the post.

To sum up, yes I prefer having more time for bride&groom portraits, so I do like 1st looks. But I also like happy clients and couples, and I will capture your wedding day in the way you decide to have it:) And yes, 2nd photographers are helpful and I prefer to have one. But I will also take it if you trust only me&my equipment and ok with having a little less photos:) And yes, one day I will blog the full wedding day of S&H’s wedding day (sooooon! lol) But for now, I am going to leave you with their Bride&groom photos taken in Hilton Downtown Columbus. Have any questions? Please email me to discuss your wedding timeline together. Engaged? Only a few more spots open for 2017, and would love to work with you! My wedding packages are very customizable and I am sure I have something for you as well:)

Happy Monday everybody!